InnerLineBeauty was founded by Miss Jennifer Teh and created in order to offer high quality branded lingerie at a affordable price. InnerLineBeauty having been established in 2001 is already known as a provider of quality, price-effective, comfortable and fashionable intimate apparel.

InnerLineBeauty undertake all retailing, trading and concessionaire of inner garments. InnerLineBeauty has grown to become one of the best known Malaysian retail shop for quality lingerie and accessories.

InnerLine Beauty own ten retailing outlets retailing branded lingerie like Inner intimates, Victoria Secret,After Eden,Hustler lingerie,Electric lingerie,Baci lingerie.


Our retail shops are exclusive and private as we recognizes the difficulties women face when bra shopping. The purpose of our retail shops which are very private is to help alleviate some of the anxiety face by the modern woman. We employ very experienced sales associates and train them to assist customers and encourage very personalized fitting sessions for customers.